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LOBSTER THEREMINが配給するレーベルMÖRK。第1弾のNthngがリプレス!

Raw M.T.もリリースした〈LOBSTER THEREMIN〉のサブレーベル〈MÖRK〉の2014年の第1弾リプレス!アムステルダムのnthng。オブスキュア・マシーン・テクノ。2014年にリリースされ、インディーからリリースされのカルトヒットした2014ダビーテック、アナログ・ミニマル・ハウスの決定的な一枚! (サイトウ)

Lobster Theremin launch their first sublabel proper, heralding a darker, murkier and deeper sound on their newly minted M?rk imprint. Retaining it's mother label's passion for championing newcomers, M?rk launches with a debut release from young Netherlandic producer nthng. Cultivating a sound that sits somewhere between Prince of Denmark and early Claro Intelecto with splashes of Clone influence, nthng's stripped-back techno walks fuzzy, shrouded paths through nolstagic moments in time. At times almost drowning, his engulfing sound is a raw reminder of the power of subtlety and the use of meditative looping along with a rough-around-the-edges production style has led to an incredibly moving debut work.



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