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OBBATUKÉ Manana001

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AMERICAN CLAVE/DEEP RHUMBAにもるうじるキューバの8ピース、アフロ・キューバン/ルンバ・バンドOBBATUKÉの12インチ。

QUANTICやSOFRITOクルー、エイドリアン・シャーウッド、PLAID, NICOLAS JAAR,NICODEMUS, Uproot Andy等のUK/USアーチストとキューバ, 中南米のミュージシャンが参加し、キューバ、サンティアーゴ・デ・クーバで開催されたミュージック・フェスティバルMANNAが始動したレーベル第1弾。超絶なリズム感覚のアフロ・キューバン、ディープ・ルンバ。 (サイトウ)

▼ Tracklisting

01. Biancamo sample
02. Homenaje sample
03. Adara sample
04. Elegua sample
05. Orun Seco sample

"Cuba's Manana Records launches via a fine EP from Obbatuké, a eight-piece rumba outfit fronted by renowned quinto player Carlos Guerra. The band are apparently regulars at the legendary Casa del Caribe in Santiago de Cuba, a venue widely considered to be the beating heart of the Eastern rumba scene. Musically, the five tracks here mix typically high tempo, densely percussive rumba rhythms with chanted vocals. The lack of other musical instruments is startling, but takes nothing away from the tracks. In fact, it only enhances their back-to-basics charms. It proves beyond any doubt that it's the drums that make great dance music".



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