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LE CAR Auto-Reverse

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エレクトロ・マニア必須!デトロイト・エレクトロ90s. LE CARのコンピレーション。スキ者は是非。

キター!ADULT.のADAMとIan R. Clark。LE CAR。7インチ入りのアタリ、レコードもあるとか。シールド開けませんのでよろしくお願いいたします。 (サイトウ)

▼ Tracklisting

A1. Car Scene One sample
A2. Audiofileseven sample
A3. Audiofile 12 sample
A4. Audiofilefive sample
A5. Audiofilenine sample
A6. Motorway Sparks: AF18 sample
B1. Vinyl Seat sample
B2. Audiofile 10 sample
B3. #15 (S'prang) sample
B4. AF16 (The Concept Car) sample
B5. Jingle 11b sample
C1. Aluminium Rectangles sample
C2. Malice
C3. 20/20 sample
C4. Warm Humans sample
C5. Version 19 sample
D1. Cinematic-Automatic sample
D2. Flame Job sample
D3. Fony sample
D4. Beau Ideal sample
D5. Final Auto Attendant sample

A killer selection of ice cold motorized Detroit electro tracks by Le Car! After Le Car had been dismantled and the parts put in storage years ago we have a final ride with Le Car that has been reassembled for the occasion. The '96-'97 Detroit electro project by Adam Lee Miller (Later known for his Adult. project) and Ian Clarke (known for his Perspects project) show another side of the Detroit music scene. The duo met at Art School and had a shared love for electronic music and conceptual art. This resulted in their own little vehicle named Le Car that had a test drive for four ep's. The Auto-fuel Ep, Auto-graph Ep, Automatic and the final Auto-motif ep of which 3 came out on MIller's Detroit label "Monoplaza Record Company" (A Sublabel of Ersatz Audio). The connection between Rotterdam/The Hague and Detroit was quickly made those days when a new generation of producers came up (including producers such as DBX, Ectomorph and Drexciya) which resulted in collaborations and releases of Adult., Perspects and also Drexciya. These releases by Le Car are the conceptual link between the Detroit techno scene and the heritage of the automotive city that effected everything thats been going on in the city for the last 4-5 decades. Inspired by the electronic musical pioneers that came to rise during the decline of the city which was in full effect during the 80's. Robots replacing humans in the factories, Electronic machines replacing musical instruments. Where the warm Motown sound could stand for the rise of the city, the city's electro/techno movement which appeared in all layers of the population can be seen as the (beautiful) reflection of the city's downfall with Le Car as one understated and important part. Now, 20 years after their first test drive we celebrate the last ride of Le Car on Clone Classic Cuts. Enjoy the ride! (ltd edition 2lp album)



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