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DELROY EDWARDS Hangin' At The Beach

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ビジュアルも含めて10年代以降のUSのオルタナティブなシーンを象徴するような、RAWなエレクトロ/シンセサイザー・サイケデリアのエンターテイメント。〈L.I.E.S.〉から〈PPU〉、VAPOUR etc...を追っていた人も。是非。 (サイトウ)

▼ Tracklisting

A1. H.A.T.B sample
A2. My Promise sample
A3. Nervous Breakdown sample
A4. Looking For A Fight sample
A5. Safe Places Pt. 1 sample
A6. Trigger Kids sample
A7. I Love Sloane sample
A8. Wild Animal sample
A9. Bad Behavior sample
B1. Brothers In Arms sample
B2. Tunnel Vision sample
B3. 10th Ave sample
B4. Moscow Girls sample
B5. Soldier Boy sample
B6. Crime Spree sample
B7. Powerhouse sample
C1. Horsing Around sample
C2. Blood Boiled sample
C3. Born Rebels sample
C4. Surf's Up! sample
C5. By Myself sample
C6. The Rocker sample
C7. Trouble Nut sample
D1. Numbnuts Hymn sample
D2. Empty Pools sample
D3. Safe Places Pt. 2 sample
D4. Bixby sample
D5. Ready To Fight sample
D6. Bubble Up sample
D7. Butterflies sample



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