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アンビエント、音響サウンド、信頼を得てきた二人JONNY NASH と SUZANNE KRAFTの二人によるニュープロジェクト。

〈MELODY AS TRUTH〉主宰のJONNY NASHと盟友SUZANNE KRAFTによるプロジェクトMATstudioの第1弾!ギター、鍵盤、エレクトロニクス、サンプラー等を使用しながら、インプロヴィゼーションで構築したサウンドの軌道。 (サイトウ)

MATstudio is a new series focussing on the music being made by Jonny Nash and Diego Herrera (Suzanne Kraft) in their Amsterdam Studio.

MAT records always aim to encapsulate a particular sound palette or sonic “world”. Whilst the mini-album/EP format is often ideal for this, it is important for us to balance these more measured, conceptual works with the spirit of chaos and spontaneity which often inhabits our studio. MATstudio provides us with an outlet for this aspect of our work.

The format, a vinyl record with two long-form compositions, allows us to showcase the range of material produced as a result of Nash and Herrera’s improvisations, experiments and accidents. Many of the fragments are the results of filtering ideas through new production techniques and tools. Some feature friends and collaborators. MATstudio works are an ode to the infinite possibilities that result in keeping a curious mind and a desire to learn.

MAT-SS1 features two compositions, “In Strange Company He Spoke Softly” and “The Land Through Which We Pass”.



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