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DARLING Darling & Lexi

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〈OFF MINOR Recordings〉からYOUNG MARCOの〈SAFE TRIP〉からリリースを重ね、コアな人たちの支持を得てきたDARLINGのニューシングル。

DEKMANTEL, VOYAGE DIRECT, SAFE TRIPからリリースで信頼を得てきたアムステルダムのDARLINGのニューシングルがJUJU & JORDASHの片割れJORDASHことJORDAN GCZ主宰のレーベル〈OFF MINOR RECORDINGS〉から。彼の娘LEXIをフィーチャリング、平均律からはみ出る音階、オブスキュアな電子音と、ミックスされ不思議な世界、ダンスグルーヴを描いています。初期PLAIDにも例えられている。ジャイルス・ピーターソンも絶賛プレイとのことです。 (サイトウ)

▼ Tracklisting

A1. Mama Is Een Poes sample
A2. Television Plant sample
A3. The Pillow Is Alive sample
B1. vCrocodiles Are Birds sample
B2. Drumpolluter sample
B3. Land On Island Land

This very special record is a collaboration between Amsterdam based stalwart, and frequent contributor to Young Marco’s Safe-Trip label, Darling, and his extremely talented daughter, Lexi. Here the producer, Darling, crayon proofs his studio and lets his 4r yr old daughter, Lexi run riot on the synths. The resulting submerged grooves, outer worldly melodies & psychedelic nursery rhymes are made up entirely of seqeunces recorded in by the outstandingly creative youngster with Dad making the edits and laying in the beats . This record was powered by Haribo.

Comes with insert..

Getting spins and love from Gilles Peterson amongst others..... for fans of early 2000s Plaid!

did we say TIP? ..think we did...



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