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MURCOF La Sangre Iluminada

▼ Tracklisting

A1.MURCOF - Sangre Y Mateo
A2.MURCOF - Hugo I
A4.MURCOF - Eugenio I
A5.MURCOF - Eugenio II
A6.MURCOF - Eugenio III
A7.MURCOF - Eugenio IV
A8.MURCOF - Paloma I
A9.MURCOF - Paloma II
A10.MURCOF - Paloma III
A11.MURCOF - Paloma IV
B1.MURCOF - Paloma V
B2.MURCOF - Soriano I
B3.MURCOF - Soriano II
B4.MURCOF - Isaías I
B5.MURCOF - Soriano III
B6.MURCOF - Isaías II
B7.MURCOF - Isaías III
B8.MURCOF - Isaías IV
B9.LOS ANGELES NEGROS - Cómo Quisera Decirte (Remix)

nFiné reissues Murcof`s seminal soundtrack for “La Sangre Iluminada” in red-vinyl Version. The soundtrack produced by Murcof was originally released by Mexican label “Intolerancia Records". This version by InFiné includes new editing of the original recordings, remastering by Rashad Becker. It features Murcof´s classic rework for Los Angeles Negro´s Como Quisiera Decirte. “La Sangre Illuminada” is a feature film directed by Ivàn Dueñas in 2009 and inspired by Jose Carlos Becerra’s poems. It tells the story of six characters who mutate into new bodies.



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