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怒濤のリリースが続くL.I.E.S. (LONG ISLAND ELECTRICAL SYSTEMS) 。SAMO DJ,WILLIAM BURNS, RON MORELLI自身らが匿名でリリースしてきたBLKシリーズの第5弾。独オルデンブルクのニュープロジェクト。シンセサイザー、リズムマシーンのアナログなエレクトロニクスの艶やファンクネスの神髄が堪能できる最高のグルーヴ。リズム構成のトランス。 (サイトウ)

『Sandro Stebnitz, Manito Rotschild, and Dieter Flegel met in the late-nineties in Oldenburg Germany while working on the loading dock of the Leifheit Housewares shipping division. Through their monotonous days of shrink wrapping ovens and loading palettes of stainless steel cookware onto tractor trailers, the trio would often relay tall tales to each other simply to pass the time. One such delusional fantasy was that the trio would one day ditch their warehouse jobs and start a band not unlike their mutual hero, Gary Numan.

Their fantasy became somewhat of a reality when Dieter gained access to various pieces of musical equipment when his uncle Hans came upon a sudden and untimely death. Unphased by this tragic event, Dieter rallied up his small group and hit the garage, practicing and recording every evening in hopes of making it, just like Gary did.

Here we have on record, the only document of their time in the makeshift studio, a 15 minute electronic jam simply titled "Sketch 1"

We hope you enjoy listening to this just as much as Sandro, Manito, and Dieter did making it.

Singled sided 12 inch with etching.』



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