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YAHSHU Somebody Else'S Dream

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TOMATOがデザインを手掛け重量盤200枚のみながら驚きのクオリティのリリースで注目の、ロンドンで活動するヴィデオ・アーチストJAN URBANOWSKI主宰の注目のレーベルRYSUNKU。第1弾ストックできました。JAN URBANOWSKIの変名と思われます。スケール感ある実験的エレクトロニクス、ダンス・ミュージック。 (サイトウ)

▼ Tracklisting

A.Somebody Else's Dreamsample
B1.Choice And Decisionsample

Yahshu is seeking something he has never heard before, bringing influences into his work from a huge spectrum. Created using a combination of live strings, samples and synths, the three tracks on 'Somebody Else's Dream' invite the listener to witness a conversation of sound, as if one sound was asking a question and another answering it. What that conversation is, we'll let the listener decide. The EP was originally written 10 years ago but has since been developed and refined, finally coming to life through RYSUNKU.

Yahshu is also the founder of RYSUNKU. ‘Somebody Else’s Dream’ is the first release on the label. RYSUNKU releases innovative sound work in very limited numbered vinyl editions.

‘Somebody Else‘s Dream’ artwork by artist Connie Prantera and design by renowned art collec- tive Tomato.



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