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TELFORT In A Good Place / The Weather Up There

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Ben UFOやMIDLAND,JD TWITCH辺りのプレイした1枚、エジンバラのTELFORTによるセルフレーベルの001番。

FUTURE TIMES周辺にも通じるようなニューエイジ、ポリリズミックなシンセの脱力ハウストラック「In A Good Place」がなんともいい感じ!フリークアウトしながらもフロアの磁力を正常に戻してくれそうなじんわりはまり度高い一曲です。B-SIDEもポリリズミックなパーカッションとLOW-FIなシンセの反復でじわりと異次元へと運びます。 (サイトウ)

“they were cracking, really really great - can you please resend as my mate pissed on my laptop that had them” - Matt McBriar, Bicep
“Yeah I really love these tracks, your sound is completely on point with what I love.” - Moxie
“The Weather Up There is really cool. If I had to I’d definitely put myself in marginal debt to buy this record” -Ray Philp, Resident Advisor
“fucking dyno” - Denis Sulta
“the big man seems to have every angle covered” - Snax Trax
“these are sounding really excellent! - JD Twitch
“viral potential I reckon, yeah, damn, this is glorious” - Belch, Notsosilent



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