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QUINTAL DE CLOROFILA O Mistério Dos Quintais

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Psicodelia ! ブラジリアン産カルト・フォークロア・サイケQUINTAL DE CLOROFILA。アナログ再発!

ブラジル産83年レア・フォークロア・サイケ。アンデスのフォールクローレ色濃いスピリチュアルな異色のサウンド。、ジプシー的な色も感じさせるようなカンタベリーロックあたりに通じる感じもあり、南米サイケの密林にどっぷり迷い込んだ方に推薦。 (サイトウ)

▼ Tracklisting

A1.As Alamedassample
A5.Gotas De Serestasample
A6.O Vento E O Trigo (Bonus)
B2.O Último Cigano
B3.Jardim Das Delícias
B4.Balada Da Ausência
B5.O Mistério Dos Quintais
B6.Liverpool (Bonus)

The album here has originally been issued in 1983 and contains a wild and captivating crossover between Celtic and South American folk from the Andes plus many elements of traditional music from Southern Europe and some more contemporary singer / songwriter aspects with a mystical atmosphere. The playing skills of all participating musicians are enormously high and the distinctive vocals by multiple voices capture your attention in just a second when you take a closer listen to the twelve songs on this album. One or another step into pop music with a slight psychedelic edge that manifests in the use of a saxophone here or synthesizer there carries the compositions into the present time and makes certain that this is not just a fairy tale from ancient days but definitely vivid music to blow your mind with. From harmonium to pan flutes you will find all kinds of instruments backing the beautiful acoustic guitars and haunting voices. QUINTAL DE CLOROFILA remind me of a South American version of THE INCREDIBLE STRING BAND and several gypsy and folk acts from the South or South East of Europe. The whole album has a rather epic feel and drags you deeply into a colorful world of sound. Truly majestic and unearthly enchanting.



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