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I.B.M. FROM THE LAND OF RAPE & HONEY (The Suppressed Tapes ) 1995-2005

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JAMAL MOSSのI.B.M.名義での未発表音源をコンパイル。

Jamal Moss (aka I.B.M. (Insane Black Man)). (サイトウ)

Purpose & Reasoning of Collection of Works: None just for therapeutic purposes 2 Exercise The Demons 2 keep oneself from going over The edge . All material collected from various cassette tapes / VHS / Mini Disc stored away in old grey shoe boxes.

Genre : Industrial / Experimental / Art / Tribal Noise / EBM / Social Distortion
All Compositions created between 1995 - 2005

Equipment & Devices implemented in Making this Album:
Korg DW 8000 - Yamaha DX7 - Boss Dr 5 - Ibanez X-ING Midi Guitar - Korg Electribe EM-1 Black - Sp 303 Dr Sampler
Vintage Apex Aural Exciter Type B - Emu Drumulator - Roland TR606 Drumatix - Roland JSQ-60 - Korg DDD-1 - Orbitron Studio Reverb - Sony VCR Cassette Recorder - Panasonic Portable Cassette Recorder - Gemini Stereo Disco Mixer Echo effects in Wooden casing & a Sony Mini Disc recorder .

▼ Tracklisting

A1.2nd Soul Of The First Bodysample
A2.A Madness Shared By 2sample
B1.From The Land Of Rape & Honeysample
B2.Tribal Retributionsample
C2.Bless The Mission And Toilsample
C3.The Church Of The Red Museumsample
D1.Sanctification For The Heathenssample
D2.Hate The Truth Live The Liesample



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