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SUN CITY GIRLS Carnival Folklore Resurrection Vol. 13: 98.6 Is Death

▼ Tracklisting

1.Chameleon Street Hit Parade
2.Skull Block
3.Original Of The Aboriginal
4.Dead Sea Catholics
5.Dark Eyes
6.Wheelchair Massacre, 1906
7.Stairway To The Stars
8.What Brought It Down?
9.Among All Flat #2
10.Kill Them All... Gently
11.SCG Answering Machine 1990
12.98.6 Is Death
13.Anvils Keep Fallin'
14.Matamoras Hit Parade
15.Radio ID #1
16.In Just Us
17.Foreign Policy #13 & #36
18.Sankala #4
19.Sour Smells In Nevada
20.Evasive Prescription
21.Matamoras Hit Parade #2
22.Roast The Pig
23.Black Genie
24.Very Middle East
25.Limerick #241
26.Gravelhead (Extended / Gutted)
27.A Previously Unknown Sacrifice #2
28.Radio ID #2
29.Message From Terminal One
30.Skeleton Coat
31.The Closer
32.Eye Socket Manifesto
33.Matamoras Hit Parade #3
34.Without Supervision / Radio ID #3
35.Bangalore Porch Lights
36.Questions And Answers / Only In America, Inc.
37.Man Without A Harmonica



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