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なんとも不思議な魅力だった昨年のSnow Dog Recordsからのコラヴォレーションに続いてBEATRICE DILLIONとRUPERT CLERVAUX新作です!

〈THE TRILOGY TAPES〉,〈WHERE TO NOW?〉からリリース、BEN UFOとのスプリットミックステープもリリースしているDJで、女性プロデューサーのBEATRICE DILLIONと即興ジャズや実験音楽、オルタナティヴなシーンで様々なセッションをこなしてきたパーカッショニスト、パフォーマー RUPERT CLERVAUXのコラヴォレーション。局所的に大きく話題となった〈SNOW DOG RECORDS〉からのアルバムに続いて、〈PARALAXE EDITIONS〉からの各サイド1曲の新作アルバム!B-SIDEのビートが出てくるあたりからのDJも面白そうです。 (サイトウ)

▼ Tracklisting

A.The Same River Twice
B.A Different River Once

BEATRICE DILLON - Drum programming, electronics, synthesizer, bass guitar, field recordings

RUPERT CLERVAUX - Vibraphone, drums, percussion, field recordings, additional drum programming

and EBEN BULL - Pocket trumpet and zither on The Same River Twice

Written, performed, produced and mixed by Beatrice Dillon and Rupert Clervaux in London, winter 2014 Mastered by Rupert Clervaux at Grays Inn Road
Photography by Anne Tetzlaff Artwork by Paralaxe Editions/Oficina de dissney.

Beatrice Dillon is a producer, composer and DJ with releases on The Trilogy Tapes, Where To Now? and Wichelroede. She has performed and DJ’d internationally and presents a regular show on London’s NTS. She recently released an acclaimed mix with Ben UFO.

Rupert Clervaux is a composer, performer and engineer. As co-founder and songwriter in Sian Alice Group (2007-11) he performed internationally as a drummer, percussionist and keyboard player, and has collaborated with Spring Heel Jack, Spiritualized, About Group and New Build, amongst others. In his work as a mix and mastering engineer, he has made records featuring many of the world’s leading experimental, improvisational and free-jazz musicians.

They first worked together on Disarm (2013, Lisson Gallery), joining producer John Coxon to make an LP using instruments made from recycled firearms by Mexican artist Pedro Reyes. They then collaborated on two commissioned compositions: one, ‘Sequence 1 ? Notes Upon Woven Strings’ (2014, The Vinyl Factory), subsequently performed live at MONA Festival inTasmania, and another for Haroon Mirza’s ‘/0/0/0/0/‘ remix project. Their first collaborative LP, ‘Studies I-XVII for Samplers and Percussion’, was released in November 2015.



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