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SHEDBUG Incipience EP

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フランスのカセットレーベル〈THRHNDRDSVNTNN〉からリリースしているSHEDBUG。LOBSTERが配給する新レーベル〈OF PARADISE〉からの1STヴァイナル・リリース!

メルボルンのプロデューサーSHEDBUG。OF PARADISEからのデビュー・シングル。イマジナティヴなシンセサイザーで旋廻する「Jungle Fantasy」で幕開けLOWなベース、タフでトライバルな複合リズム、幻のごとき音風景の「187 District」やアシッドベースと浮遊感のディープハウス「Dial A Moose」まで4 TRACKS。おすすめです。 (サイトウ)

▼ Tracklisting

A1.Jungle Fantasy (6:48)sample
A2.Swim (5:41)sample
B1.187 District (5:25)sample
B2.Dial A Moose (6:04)sample

London label Of Paradise marks its inaugural release with the Incipience EP, the debut 12-inch from Melbourne based producer Shedbug. Four dusty, tough and emotionally driven house jams born out of sun drenched hardware experimentation. Opener ?Jungle Fantasy? is a joyous kaleidoscope of tropical colours and escapism. Swim? heads further out into uncharted territories. Rolling drums and infectious acid that breaks through the clouds to reveal a crystalline sky that pulls the listen up before submerging them once again into deep yet life-affirming waters. ?187 District? is a raw, frenzied and crime riddled workout. One for the warehouse heads, one to put the lights down real low too, one that thunders along until the very end. Closing out the EP is ?Dial A Moose? a bittersweet journey to the heart of Shedbug. A reassuring kick drum floats over the horizon accompanied by bursts of aquatic acid and rolling electronics that smooth out into a crushingly tender pad breakdown. This one has got sparkly hearts stamped all over it.



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