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SUZANNE KRAFT What You Get For Being Young

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SUZANNE KRAFTの'16年アルバム”What You Get For Being Young”が待望のリプレスです!JONNY NASHのレーベル〈MELODY AS TRUTH〉からのアンビエント/電子音楽作品。

長らく入手困難だったSUZANNE KRAFT、MELODY AS TRUTHの名作。MATT COLTONマスタリングによる音の輪郭のクリアさも素晴らしいディープサウンドスケープ。 (サイトウ)

Following on from the acclaimed “Talk From Home”, Suzanne Kraft returns to Melody As Truth with a second full release, “What You Get For Being Young”. Recorded in Amsterdam over the course of May 2016, “What You Get For Being Young” offers a full immersion into Kraft’s ever-evolving world. A Milky TIP!Lush, digital manipulated synths spread across cold surfaces, metallic drums dance around skeletal song structures. Whilst echoes of “Talk From Home” remain, they are but faint echoes, as Kraft’s recent exploration into sound-design and digital manipulation confidently posits “What You Get For Being Young” as an entirely new chapter in the artist’s growing narrative. Artwork & layout by Michael Willis



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