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VARIOUS Genesis Vol. I

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アーリー・テクノ、シカゴハウス、エレクトロにインスパイアされ、現代的な表現、ダンスグルーヴを追及する、ストイックなRAW、独特の美学が貫かれたアーチスト達による4 TRACKS。Trikk名義で〈ManMakeMusic〉や〈PETS Recordings〉昨年は 〈OPTIMO TRAX〉や〈INNERVISIONS〉からもリリースしたINTERNAL NY RHYTHMSの90sバイブなストロング ハウストラック筆頭に、アーリー・NYCハードハウス的色合いも感じさせる。かっこいい! (サイトウ)

▼ Tracklisting

A1. INTERNAL NY RHYTHMS - Infesta sample
A2. EMAUZ - Pitched sample
B1. VIOLET - Eternal Fountain sample
B2. JOSE ACID - No Ego sample

For the debut Paraíso release the label has chosen to go with some of the most active producers currently working in Portugal's electronic music scene.

The record opener, 'Infesta' by Internal N.Y. Rhythms (also known as Trikk) is a raw, melodic cut, punctuated by percussion that transpires tropicality. Emauz, one of Lisbon's most interesting new producers, delivers 'Pitched' - her debut release on vinyl and an energetic and original track, with a beautiful driving bass and effected claps and cowbells. On the flip, Violet (One Eyed Jacks, Rádio Quântica) delivers an unapologetic ode to early trance with 'Eternal Fountain', all dreamy arpeggios and snare rushes, while José Acid's 'No Ego' injects the addictive, beautiful 303 sound into the equation, creating a sonic love letter to the pioneers of the very brand of raw, emotional dance music that inspired Portugal to have its own movement.



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