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LEGWORKが主宰するハードウェア系ニューレーベル。サンフランスシコのハウスシーンLANCE DESARDI。

J.T. DONALDSON あたりとつながりながらUSベイエリアのハウスシーンで活動を続けてきた LEOPOLD & LANCE DESARDI、LEGWORKのサブシリーズFOOTAGE SERIESの第1弾。

The Legwork camp brings you a new offshoot: the Footage Series.

First up is Legwork with an in-house production, Lord Bath. It’s a trip inside the soul of the machine - 808’s and heartbreaks in a new era, for a smarter and more aware operator.

@TXConnect comes in on the remix duties, with two versions that keep the imagination of the original, but slant towards a darker and less obtuse outcome.

Finally, finishing out the B-side is The Science: a look at the method and how to deviate within it.

▼ Tracklisting

A1.Lord Bathsample
A2.Lord Bath (Tx Connect Remix)sample
B1.Lord Bath (Tx Connect Mood Dub)sample
B2.The Sciencesample



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