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ハウス/バレアリック/シンセサイザー・ミュージックの仏ANTINOTEからALEK LEEのデビューEP。チピッコ・ヴォーカルを使ったマルチ・インストゥールメンタル、ユニーク・ダウンテンポ!

初回オーダーするも入荷せず、レーベルに直接交渉するも面倒くさがられ(笑)、なかなか入荷できなかった一枚、ようやく入荷しました。NO COMPUTER, ドラムやベース、コンガ、エレクトロニクスとサンプルをゲスト・ミュージシャンを交えながらマルチ録音したユニーク・ダビー・サウンド!過激なダブ・エフェクトとエレクトロニクスの世界にずぶずぶと。推薦。 (サイトウ)

▼ Tracklisting

1. Sfarot sample
2. Sfarot (Dub Version) sample
3. Harabait sample

The Antinote guys have always been keen on introducing new names to you and this addition to the label??s catalogue makes no exception to the rule: they are pleased to present Sfarot, the debut EP from Alek Lee, a musician currently living in Tel-Aviv.
The geographic origin of the artists on the Parisian imprint has never been felt as much as on Alek Lee??s debut 12??. In a very ??fourth world?? manner, Alek Lee brings together middle-eastern influences in his music with ease and without ever having it sounding clich辿: on Harabait and Sfarot (and its dub version), his friends and him play the violin, the bass clarinet and the accordion in a way which reminds of Klezmer music, putting the three songs on the EP in line with both his musical education and his cultural background.

This seems strikingly true when taking into account the process Alek Lee went through to record the tittle-track: the original material used in Sfarot comes from a recording Lee did a few years, and on which were recorded traditional songs Israeli children used to learn at school, performed by a choir of very young kids. Both conceptually and musically hypnotizing, Sfarot and its dub version take the listener on a slightly psychedelic trip
as the haunted voices from the kids loose themselves in long reverbs and are backed by a wide range of instruments played by the Israeli musician including an electric organ, percussions, etc.

And if you are still in need of more dubby excursions, the closing track is the one for you:



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