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THREAD Conningham EP

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UKの新しいレーベルREACH RECORDZの第1弾。

アナログなテクノ、ハウス、エレクトロ、良質サウンド。またしても楽しみなレーベル、プロジェクトの始動です。じっくり良い。 LOW-FI、インテリジェンス、ベースや、エレクトロニクスの厚みはハードウェアならでは。 (サイトウ)

▼ Tracklisting


New UK based imprint aiming to bring you atmospheric and emotional treats that toe the line between bass heavy, electro leaning, house & techno and everything in between. The label’s first outing comes from the duo Thread.

Tabor kicks of the release and it’s a motorik workout that combines elements of minimal techno and acid, with a squelchy bassline and moody synth melodies all carried along by tight percussions.

Dalling is a straight up electro jam; a galloping start/stop percussive pattern, ever-present pads with more layers of squelch added for maximum effect.

On the flip Brackenbury picks up a couple of notches on the BPM counter - driving proceedings to 130+, a proper heads down techy number with elements of micro house, filled with quirky sounds and lush pads layered on top of syncopated percussive patterns.

The final cut on the EPConningham does away with all pretences and hits you in the face with another dose of unrelenting space music. Heavy bass line, crunchy electro percussions and sci-fi atmospheric pads rounding off the first release in style.



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