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REPTANT Night Time Creepin

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シリアス・ヒプノティック・エレクトロ/アシッド。LOBSTER THEREMIN配給のレーベルTOMAHAWK第2弾。

オーストラリアのデュオANTHONY FADEに続く〈TOMAHAWK〉の第2弾。エレクトロ/ブレイクビーツ・テクノ。RAW/アナログ/ハードウェア回帰の現代エレクトロシーンに一石を投じるグッドEP。夜のまやかしの世界。 (サイトウ)

▼ Tracklisting

A1.2mg Delirium (8:32)sample
A2.Hydrax (8:01)
B1.Cyanide (7:01)sample
B2.Rancour (5:41)sample

Tomahawk’s second release lands introducing mysterious Reptant, the Evil Techno Lizard to the family. The four track EP is presented as a majestic night trip with all it’s different parts revealed.

The A-side acts as a warm up, the night slowly starts with opening track '2mg delirium'. Waves of cassette saturated pads shiver through LFOs and get punched by a slamming overdriven kick drum rhythm, creating an ambient yet shaken atmosphere. The storm is coming.

'Hydrax's' acid melody evolves from slow developing ethereal synth pads, acid 303 square waves and overdriven broken beat punchy kicks which slowly switches to four to the floor, getting ready for the next stage, ready for ignition.

On the flip, the B-side sees the “Cyanide” kicking in, your body goes into shock, thunderous kick drums roll over the top of each other as an electric storm driven by a 303 starts to strike. R-A-V-E.

To close, “Rancour” a sampler, drum machine and 303 running through an arrangement of effect pedals, the signal is hot and the storm continues...



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