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THE CARETAKER Everywhere At The End Of Time Stages 1-3

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【名盤!】ノスタルジックな情景の極上サイケデリック・サウンド。V/VMの変名THE CARETAKER。アナログなサーフェイスノイズとともに、夢中のサウンド。ディープな世界。「Everywhere At The End Of Time」シリーズが1から3のセットでCDリリース。

SP盤から流れ出るオールド・ジャズ、ビックバンド、映画音楽のようなノスタルジックな音世界が、ゆっくりと脳内を侵食して蝕むようなタイム感覚と、テープ音楽的イマジネーションのトリップ。このタイトルどういう風に捉えますか? (サイトウ)

▼ Tracklisting

First Stage
1-1.It's Just A Burning Memory (3:32)
1-2.We Don't Have Many Days (3:35)
1-3.Late Afternoon Drifting (3:30)
1-4.Childishly Fresh Eyes (2:58)
1-5.Slightly Bewildered (2:01)
1-6.Things That Are Beautiful And Transient (4:34)
1-7.All That Follows Is True (4:34)
1-8.An Autumnal Equinox (2:46)
1-9.Quiet Internal Rebellions (3:30)
1-10.The Loves Of My Entire Life (4:04)
1-11.Into Each Others Eyes (4:36)
1-12.My Heart Will Stop In Joy (2:41)
Second Stage
2-1.A Losing Battle Is Raging (4:37)
2-2.Misplaced In Time (4:42)
2-3.What Does It Matter How My Heart Breaks (2:37)
2-4.Glimpses Of Hope In Trying Times (4:43)
2-5.Surrendering To Despair (5:03)
2-6.I Still Feel As Though I Am Me (4:07)
2-7.Quiet Dusk Coming Early (3:36)
2-8.Last Moments Of Pure Recall (3:52)
2-9.Denial Unravelling (4:16)
2-10.The Way Ahead Feels Lonely (4:15)
Third Stage
3-1.Back There Benjamin (4:14)
3-2.And Heart Breaks (4:05)
3-3.Hidden Sea Buried Deep (1:20)
3-4.Libet's All Joyful Camaraderie (3:12)
3-5.To The Minimal Great Hidden (1:41)
3-6.Sublime Beyond Loss (2:10)
3-7.Bewildered In Other Eyes (1:51)
3-8.Long Term Dusk Glimpses (3:33)
3-9.Gradations Of Arms Length (1:31)
3-10.Drifting Time Misplaced (4:15)
3-11.Internal Bewildered World (3:29)
3-12.Burning Despair Does Ache (2:37)
3-13.Aching Cavern Without Lucidity (1:19)
3-14.An Empty Bliss Beyond This World (3:36)
3-15.Libet Delay (3:57)
3-16.Mournful Cameraderie (2:39)



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