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goat New Games / Rhythm & Sound

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【追加プレス到着しました】ゴート待望の初LP版登場!西川文章の録音&ミキシング、RASHAD BECKERのマスタリング&カッティング、五木田智央の装丁という最強布陣でおくるミラクル物体。

GOAT初のアナログ・リリース。大阪EM RECORDSからです!! (サイトウ)

YPY/日野浩志郎が率いるインストゥルメンタル・カルテット、ゴート(goat)の待望のヴァイナルLPアルバムは、1st『New Games』と2nd『Rhythm & Sound』のベスト・パフォーマンスを再編成したLP版独自の選曲。今回、ベルリンのDubplates & Mastering(Rashad Beckerがゴートのファン)で新たにマスタリングして生まれ変わったサウンドは再生音量が大きければ大きいほど本領を発揮する。


▼ Tracklisting

A1.New Gamessample
B1.Solid Eyesample
B2.Ghosts Part 1sample
B3.On Firesample

This is the long-awaited, first-ever vinyl release from the Osaka-based band goat. The five tracks are compiled from their debut album "New Games" (2013) and their second album "Rhythm & Sound" (2015). The titles of those releases provide a hint: a sense of joyful play within defined structures, and an emphasis on propulsive pulse and a prioritizing of pure percussive sound over melodic content. With guitar, bass, drums and saxophone, goat create music which is unlike most rock bands, utilizing harmonics outside standard tonality, as well as clever muting, to craft intricate, driven, forceful compositions by Koshiro Hino, aka YPY. goat is currently going through a period of new development and further exploration of intertwining patterns of rhythmic repetition; this compilation is the bedrock. Superbly recorded and mixed by
Bunsho Nishikawa, mastered and cut by Rashad Becker, cover art by Tomoo Gokita, this release will be a revelation for your turntable.



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