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MATHEW JONSON The Decompression Remixes Vol. 2

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MATHEW JONSON プレゼンツ。〈M_nus〉からの2004年の名作「Decompression」のリミックス企画第2弾!GUY GERBER, PHIL MOFFA, SETH TROXLERによるトリオGMT。DEADBEAT、コロンビア出身の女性DJ/プロデューサー NATALIA ESCOBAR。みんないいけどMIKE SHANNON素晴らしすぎる!

〈ITISWHATITIS〉からのリリースや〈PERLON〉からのLUCIANOとの共作で頭角を現したMATHEW JONSONが、 RICHIE HOWTIN の〈M_nus〉から2004年にリリースした名曲「Decompression」のリミックス企画。GUY GERBER, PHIL MOFFA, SETH TROXLER。A1はトップアーチスト三人によるプロジェクトでのリミックス。フロアの空気を塗り変えるような重めのマグネティックなねじれた質感、疾走するグルーヴ、コズミックな電子音が飛び交うマッドダンスフロアチューン。じわじわ潜り込む奇才MIKE SHANNONのリミックスも素晴らしいダンスフロア・テクノ。ダブワイズなハーフステップDEADBEAT、NATALIA ESCOBARもキックレス、エクスペリメンタル、重厚な世界にひきづりこむマッドなリミックス。トップ・テクノ・レコード。 (サイトウ)

▼ Tracklisting

A1 Decompression (GMT Remix) sample
A2 Decompression (Mike Shannon's Re-compression Mix) sample
B1 Decompression (Deadbeat Remix) sample
B2 Decompression (Natalia Escobar's Coral Caisson Mix) sample

Freedom Engine is happy to bring you "Volume 2" in the Decompression remix series. A1 Decompression - Mathew Jonson (GMT Remix) Remix and additional production by Guy Gerber, Phil Moffa, and Seth Troxler. Recorded at Butcha Sound, NYC. A 2 Decompression - Mathew Jonson (Mike Shannon's Re-compression Mix) Mike Shannon appears courtesy of Cynosure Recordings Remix and additional production by Mike Shannon. B1 Decompression - Mathew Jonson (Deadbeat Remix) Remix and additional production by Deadbeat. B2 Decompression - Mathew Jonson (Natalia Escobar's Coral Caisson Mix) Additional production by Natalia Escobar. GMT (Phil Moffa, Guy Gerber and Seth Troxler) heads of the A side with a bang. The haunting strings of the original wind their way through drums reminiscent of jacking 90's house before the drop of the classic Decompression bassline, chopped and spliced sure to make your mid section feel nice. Mike Shannon touches down with a modular synth rework that takes the original and twists it into a modern acid trip and groove signature of his programming style. Like surfing a spaceship through a technicolor wormhole to planet funk. Deadbeat shows his strength with a spaced out dub version. A master of his craft he delivers a reverb drenched, morphing grove that will transport your head to an indica haze. Natalia Escobar stretches the pulls the track into an intense ambient time machine. This escape into the 5th dimension will induce shivers down your spine and make your 3rd eye burst into flames. We hope you enjoy the work of these talented navigators! Safe travels : ) Volume 3 is still to come and will feature DJ Rush, DJ Sodeyama, Quenum and S Katz (a.k.a. Katsuhiko).



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