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SHAWTY PIMP Still Comin' Real

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〈L.A. CLUB RESOURCE〉からの復刻で話題を呼んだ、カセットオンリー、90年代のオブスキュア・ギャングスタヒップホップ、メンフィスのSHAWTY PIMP。

95年のカセット音源。すでに超高値をつけているDELROY EDWARDSの〈L.A. CLUB RESOURCE〉からの復刻「Comin Real Wit It」に続いて「Still Comin' Real」。 (サイトウ).

California and New York aren't the only US cities to have pioneered underground hip-hop over the years. Back in the nineties, southern states such as Memphis, Tennessee were also hotbeds for the fast evolving musical phenomenon. As we push on into the second millenium; from the swathes of short-run, tape-only releases that came out in the 1990's, some are at last being cut to vinyl. Shawty Pimp and the Big Pimpin' Productions crew were brought to international ears in 2014 when his album 'Comin' Real Wit It' was pressed to vinyl and sold out in the blink of an eye. Gyptology Records (a new Egyptian archaology styled re-issue hip-hop label) now present a vinyl pressing of the 1995 sequel; 'Still Comin' Real'. Here are eleven original, raw rap cuts, remastered and restored with love. Available June 2018 for the first time in the format that never goes out of style. Vinyl only for now and in one short-run only, no represses. Produced with the full consent and participation of the artists



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