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STUFF. Old Dreams New Planets

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D’Angeloや Robert Glasper Experimentのサポートにも抜擢され、GILLES PETERSONも絶賛しているというベルギーのエレクトロニック・ジャズバンドSTUFF.デビューアルバム「Old Dreams New Planets」ストックしました。。プログレッシヴなニューエイジ・フュージョン。南米の70sにも通じる感があります。すごい世界観。これは推します。

ベルギーのSdban Ultraからリリースされた1STアルバムが、イギリスのモダン・ジャズ・レーベルGONDWANAから再リリース。アナログ入荷しました。 (サイトウ)

"STUFF. is what you would get when Hudmo and FlyLo would give Alt J their MDMA before going on stage, telling them to sound like instrumental Beastie Boy's Check Your Head."

One of the most exciting band's in Europe, a five piece band that creates a mighty groove, spanning from broken hip-hop grooves to more electronic and jazz influenced future funk. They defy easy categorisation. Writing for Jazz Standard, Tina Edwards said 'If an energy drink could make music, it would sound like STUFF.', a description that does more to describe their sound than established any genre tags. While Phil Taggart said "This is what I imagine Flying Lotus' band to be like" on Radio 1.

Utilising lesser-used instruments like the wind synth, alongside the familiar array of drums and electric bass, synthesizers and turntables, they're able scatter rhythms, melodies and electronic effects across their canvas with a Pollock-like abandon, creating music that while heavy in groove has great depth and intrigue.

They released their self-titled debut album March 2015 to critical acclaim and embarked on a sold out club tour in Benelux, Germany, UK and Ireland short after. Several tracks of their debut gained airplay on UK stations BBC6 and BBC1 as well as Belgian nationwide stations StuBru & Radio 1. They kept on touring playing nearly 150 shows throughout Europe on very diverse stages, showing their eclectic style: renowned jazzfestivals like North Sea Jazz Festival (Nl) , Elbjazz Hamburg (De) and Gent Jazz (Be); alternative festivals like Lowlands (Nl), Pukkelpop (Be), Dour Festival (Be) and Shambala festival (UK); urban/hiphop festivals like Couleur Café (Brussels) and Les Ardentes (Liège) and electronic festivals like Dimensions (Pula) and Fusion (Lärz Germany).

In April 2018 they signed to Gondwana Records and we are delighted to announce the first world wide release for Old Dreams, New Planets on August 31st.

October 20 The Roundhouse, London– Gondwana 10 Festival - main stage

November 8 RNCM Manchester– with Mammal Hands

"It's a really exciting time for music with groups coming through like STUFF."

Gilles Peterson, BBC Radio 6

"This is what I imagine Flying Lotus' band to be like."
Phil Taggart, BBC Radio 1



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