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MUSIC FROM MEMORY〉でお馴染みのアムステルダムのRED LIGHT RECORDSがディストリビュートするニューレーベル〈SOUTH OF NORTH〉からアムステルダムのCascadaというエクスペリメンタル80sラテン・ロック・バンドのメンバーでもあったRONALD LANGESTRAATの1984年の宅録マルチ録音のソロ、数珠の素晴らしい音源がリリース!

フェンダーピアノ、ムーグやドラムからサックス、クラリネットから、ヴォーカルまで4TRACKのテープレコーダーで録音した驚きの音源集!RONALDは78歳になった現在でも毎日音楽を演奏続けているとのことです。ミッドテンポのプレハウス、アーサーラッセルやSHUGGIE OTISにも匹敵するようなレフトフィールド・ダンス「I'm ready for dancing」(sample2)はじめ、ジャジーなエレガントさと、エレクトロニック、DIY、LOW-FIな魅力が揺れながら融合していくような不思議な感触があります。 (サイトウ)

▼ Tracklisting

A1.Then and forever (3:31)
A2.In the middle of the night (3:36)
A3.Girl where are you? (3:50)
B1.I'm ready for dancing (3:57)
B2.Pandora's box (4:10)
B3.Gotta get away (3:48)
B4.You need to cry (3:58)

"I first met Ronald when he was dancing, on his own, on an empty dance floor, playing air percussion…"

Searching was self-recorded in Ronald's living room on a 4-Track Tape Recorder in 1984.
The recordings symbolise his engagement to cross-over everything that was known to him musically at that time. Most importantly, all recordings reflect his personal way of searching; searching for his own characteristic sound. Rhythmical patterns meet well balanced distortion, shaping the music into a mirror of his character. He was part of several Dutch Latin and Jazz bands, including Cascada and Ritmo Natural. With the latter he performed at Holland's North Sea Jazz Festival. At this point Ronald is 78 years old, playing music every day.

Instruments: Acoustic Piano, Fender Rhodes Piano, Farfisa Organ, String Ensemble, Tenor Sax, Alt Sax, Soprano Sax, Clarinet, Alt Clarinet, Organ Bass, Micro Moog, Drums, Longa & Voices.



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