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トランス・リチュアル、ヴィジョナリー・メディテーション・ミュージック。〈GOOD MORNING TAPES〉からアフリカ、ガボンのピグミー、ファン族の伝統儀礼BwitiにインスパイアされたMAHBUNZI NAHGO PIHNDI「D Ebando」。

ANTHONY NAPLES, GEORGIAたちからTAPESもリリースしているフランスのカセットレーベル〈GOOD MORNING TAPES〉から、COMMEND NYCでのハンドプリントの限定10枚のダブプレートでデビューしたMAHBUNZI NAHGO PIHNDI。〈GOOD MORNING TAPES〉初のオフィシャル・アナログリリース。WILL BANKHEAD、HONEST JON'Sサポート。世界観。推薦。 (サイトウ)

This record is an extension of a foray into trance ritual music.
It's structured as a companion for film, meditation, vision seeking & sound rest.

It's by nature a nature worship record, combing acoustic percussive improvisation, sensory foley, vocalized staccatos, and a specific brew of physical/metaphysical sound relations....mind hush/thought flush/spirit rush/sun rise.

Inspired by an initiation ceremony of the Bwiti/Fang people of Gabon. This collection relays a fragmented branch of timings of this ceremony. Plus proposes alter paths for the sacred (Mougongo) instrument.

Recoded + Restructured + Reflected as a time capsule.

With fullest respect/blessings to breeze the Bwiti understandings through current climate.

Proceeds of this record will be donated to Tata-Yo (Nganga), Ebando.



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