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PST & DJFB PST & DJFB Live At Pstudion 2018

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PST(PORN SWORD TOBACCO)とSVNのコラヴォレーションで1,2番がリリースされてきたセッション〈RECORDING〉シリーズ最新作は、PSTとDJ FETT BURGER。

PORN SWORD TOBACCOとDJ FETT BURGERのシンセサイザー・ジャム・セッション!電子音と戯れ、軌道をたどる、ユニークなエレクトロニックサウンド、ファンキービート。最高。RECORDINGの第3弾。入荷しました! (サイトウ)

▼ Tracklisting

A1Syntar In Atmospheressample
A2Vi Checkar Svenskeknappensample
B1Tune Off, Drop Aside, Twist Outsample
B2TR Skyline Outlinessample
B3Landing Stripsample

Recording is back with its third release. This time an exciting and unique collaboration between label head Porn Sword Tobacco and DJ Fett Burger. A full on in effect record, based on live vintage hardware studio sessions in the PST studio, all recorded between July and September 2018. Some final edits by F.Burger, and a six track mini album with experimental ambient cuts, soundscapes, slow subtle dubbed grooves, and some touch of old-school electro is the result. An in-deep underground studio experimentalist record with a groove for the dance floor. This will be the first part of several new and exciting collaborations between the two artists.



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