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RED RACK'EM Wonky Techno Banger

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RED RACK'EMのカルトヒット「Wonky Bassline Disco Banger」の続編的ニューシングル「Wonky Techno Banger」。

ディスコラインの枠を越えて信頼を得てきたRED RACK'EM自身のレーベル〈BERGERAC〉からのニューシングル。RAWなシンセサイザー・エレクトロニクス、フリーキーで遊び心に満ちたキラーダンストラックス!RAWだけれども、コンピューターミュージック的構築のユニークさがあり、フィルターで産み出す音色のワイルドさ、ファンクネスの魅惑のダンスチューン。かっこいい。B-SIDE2曲もいい。BRADLEY ZERO, ROMAN FLUGEL, JORDAN GCZ, PAUL WOOLFORDも絶賛しております。 (サイトウ)

In March 2018, Danny Berman aka Red Rack’em left behind the grey insanity of Berlin and headed off to the idyllic Devon Analogue Studio for the first of several productive musical retreats, giving him unprecedented access to high end synths plus the time and space to create without distraction.

After a solid 18 months of activity post album, which combined some serious air miles, relocation back to the UK (after nearly a decade living in East Berlin) some pretty magical moments, he’s back with a heavy EP of genre crossing magic which ushers forth a more edgy, psychedelic sound.

Like its disco leaning predecessor, Wonky Techno Banger is just simply a track that you have to have in your life. Combining a demented fairground melody, flappy off beat bassline and manic peak time flavour, it’s an absolute thumper which has the potential to radically transform your night/life.

Devon Analogue 4.2 comes from the same session and sees the Bergerac boss man go into euphoric electro funk mode with distorted claps, an ‘ecstasy’ synth and live slap bass.

Meanwhile back in Berlin, Rack’em was also working in Iron Curtis studio while he was on tour in the US so final track Nave Gazing was written using just the Waldorf Nave for a thoughtful ambient number to close off the EP. WIBES.


Bradley Zero - loving the WTB! x

Roman Flugel - sounding great!

Paul Woolford - fucking dope.

Jordan GCZ - Definitely my fav 12” by Red Rack'em - great work!



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