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MOVE Dとのコラヴォレーションでも知られるハンブルグのベテランBENJAMIN BRUNNと、古くは96年の Deep Space Network Meets Higher Intelligence Agencyから彼らと共に活動しているDAVE WHEELSのダブルネームでアルバムリリース。

サイケデリック・エレクトロニック・ミュージック、テクノ、アンビエントのベテラン組のグッドワーク。〈SUSHITECH〉から。 (サイトウ)

▼ Tracklisting

A Night Train sample
B1 In The Club sample
B2 Waldeck sample
C1 Iratamoto (Version) sample
C2 Give Me A Lift sample
D1 Orainge sample
D2 Raucher sample
D3 Für Danilo sample

Benjamin Brunn and Dave Wheels are old studio buddies, having worked together on and off since 2006. "2000", though, is their most ambitious joint project yet: a collaborative album for Sushitech that offers up breezy, melodious and cheery fusions of heady dub techno, gentle electronica, chugging sofa-friendly haziness and glitchy late night hypnotism. It's an interesting blend but one that certainly hits the spot. Highlights include the horizontal pulse of "Orainge", the wonderfully hypnotic after-hours throb of "Iratamoto (Version)", the bold and sun-kissed undulations of "In The Club" and the pie-eyed warmth of "Waldeck".



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