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LOST SOULS OF SATURN The Awakening (James Holden Remix)

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JAMES HOLDEN RMX!トップDJのひとりSETH TROXLERと、サウンドエンジニアとしても名高いNYのPHIL MOFFAによるプロジェクト”LOST SOULS OF SATURN”がはやくもニューEP!実験的轟音響のトライバルテクノのオリジナルを、螺旋式の鍵盤ループを取りれメロディックにアレンジしたHOLDENのリミックスが素晴らしい。今回も名門〈R&S〉からローンチ!

HOLDENのリミックスワークはお久しぶりということで高まる期待に応える作品が到着!ダークかつ神秘的なアンビエンスに、部族的なヴォイスと打楽器の狂乱を埋め込んだ「The Awakening」(sample2)を、また違ったアプローチを持って宇宙空間に誘うリワークを披露。序盤の2分あまりはオリジナルのエキゾ感を残しながら、神秘性のパッドとコーラスには透明に、加えてプログレッシブなシンセラインを描いた「The Awakening (James Holden Remix)」(sample1)。カリンバのような高音のスパイラルも重ねるという仕掛けまで。 (Akie)

▼ Tracklisting

A.The Awakeningsample
B.The Awakening (James Holden's Past Life Rave Regression)sample

Following the release of their short film 'The Awakening' and its accompanying single, Lost Souls Of Saturn share the first remix in 9 years by revered musician James Holden. Over thirteen minutes of crisp, stratospheric elegance, Holden’s rework is both slightly mad and simultaneously blissful – like a trance-state reached through frenzied, spiritual ritual.

“I believe in serendipity: if the universe presents you with something that seems right, you should go with it”, says Holden. “When this record hit my desk was one of those moments. Recently I'd been thinking a lot about rave utopias, the pan-global fantasy painted by the early days of Future Sound Of London etc, and listening to LSOS's Jodorowskian ceremonials I felt like they'd caught the same winds. And so, although I thought I'd finished doing remixes for this lifetime, here it is; some kind of dream of a memory of a rave, the spookiness of the original slightly eclipsed by my warm feelings about Seth's good energy!”

The original version of ‘The Awakening’ begins as a serene ambient spacecast, before an ancient alien rite of tribal frenzy starts to emerge through the phosphorescent stardust – sonically somewhere between Demdike Stare and classic Orb, by way of Don Cherry.
Primarily LSOS are Seth Troxler and Phil Moffa, plus further opaque participants congregating to combine music, imagery and storytelling into an inextricably linked whole, all wrapped-up in a philosophy of their own making.
Attempting something creatively that’s above-and-beyond, LSOS explore new ways to open doors of perception and challenge the reality vs. simulation paradigm, whilst capturing the spirit of Philip K. Dick, Sun Ra and the KLF within their music, live experiences and films.
These spiritual, psychoactive aural vibrations resonate for a long distance, all the way back to something deeper and more enchanting than the prosaicism of modern life:
“We have been sent synchronistic signs from a metaphysical plane. We are the glitch-seekers, exposing the Holes In The Holoverse. We are Lost Souls Of Saturn.”



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