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リズミカル/ミニマルな打楽器のグルーブ、水を差すように配置された色とりどりのシンセサイザー/パパイヤホイッスル!本レーベルをはじめ、〈100% SILK〉〈CHURCH〉などでも活躍するシンセサイザーマジシャン・JAMES BOOTHの新作が独特。

レア音源から新たな才能まで、シンセサイザーミュージック/レフトフィールドダンスの個性あふれるリリースでお馴染み〈GLOWING BIN RECORDS〉にJAMES BOOTHが2度目の登場!土着トライバルなパーカッションを、モノクロに刻みながら音色豊かなシンセを散りばめた「SPACE ECHO TRACK」(sample1)が素晴らしい。コズミックなシンセのレイヤーワークで宇宙アンビエントを展開した「LOCUS OF CONTROL」(sample2)、このひと鍵盤の使い方がやはり一味違う。 (Akie)

The Growing Bin may have taken a hiatus for AW18, but don‘t be fooled into thinking this is a deciduous operation; after all the most powerful plantlife grows from below. Moving through the mulch, Basso traces the mycellium network from Hamburg‘s forests to the gentle slopes of Hasenheide, reconnecting with James Booth for the officially first Growing Bin release of 2019, or the first ever Glowing Pin Release.

Emerging from the green house with a heroic dose of wavy caps, the Mancunian export unleashes A-side sizzler ‚Space Echo Track‘, a little post-minimal magic for the peak time shamans. Built around the polyrhythmic patter of organic percussion, a touch of UK shuffle and the occasional blast of soundsystem bass, the track rolls and rattles from start to finish, tailor made for mid-set hypnosis. And while neon leadlines dance with disorienting sampler vox and papaya whistles summon the ethno-flute melodies, Booth brings us to a new level of future primitive consciousness, unlocking the Stargate once and for all. Onto the B-side and we‘re hurtling through galaxies, submerged in the entheogenic frequencies of‚ Locus of Control‘. Shimmering swathes of angelic synth vox and dreamlike pads drift freely, forming a
perfect counterbalance to the warp factor thrust and rasping resonance of the wormhole sequences. Beatless in space, ‚Locus‘ balances ambient techno and acid gurgle, cleansing your synapses like a Sven Vath warm down circa ‚94. This is music for the microdosers...



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