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SOUND WAVES I Wanna Feel The Music

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アーリー90s〈STRICTLY RHYTHM〉。クレイジーな時代を反映したNYCアンダーグラウンド・ハウス。

AFTER HOURS「Waterfall」でも知られるAndrew Richardsonと Gijo "Craftin" Rosarioなるプロデューサーによる91年のEP。マッチョと歪んだシンセ、捻れのジャックな感覚。クレイジーな世界感。鍵盤ワークと、なんとも言えないヴォーカル・フレーズが繰り返される。両面、それぞれのミックスも素晴らしい。AIDS危機最中のヴォーグなNYCアンダーグラウンド・ハウス。マスターピース。 (サイトウ)

▼ Tracklisting

A1.I Wanna Feel The Music (Hype Dub)sample
A2.I Wanna Feel The Music (Smooth Mix)sample
B1.Gotta Have You (Smooth Mix)sample
B2.Gotta Have You (UK Dub)sample

Seminal NYC deep House sounds from the legendary Strictly Rhythm catalogue, this is some straight 1991 heat.

'I Wanna Feel The Music' / 'Gotta Have You' are 2 stone cold jams. This is the sound that is often imitated, but never bettered, that true school deep House flavour. Sound Waves is a crew made up of Andrew Richardson and Gijo Rosario, who crafted 2 slamming 12"s for Strictly in the very early 90's. Both cuts ooze so much soul, and those unmistakable deep synth pads that wash over those tuff NYC drums with uplifting emotion. A true underground record that sounds like it could have easily dropped last week. This is a high quality, remastered from the OG audio files, 100% legit 2019 reissue of another essential deep House gem, truly flawless and it should be in every DJ's bag! Buy on sight.



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