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JLMT Dream Like a Child EP (incl. Laurence Guy / Real J. Remixes)

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NTS、Red Light Radio、Berlin Community Radioでもレギュラーを持つFEDE LNG主宰の〈AXE ON WAX RECORDS〉のニューリリース!フランスのJLMT aka JULES MONT。

オリジナル2曲と〈WAXTEFACTS〉や〈WOLF MUSIC RECORDINGS〉からリリースしているボルドーのREAL J.そして〈CHURCH〉等でお馴染みのLAURENCE GUYのリミックスsample2収録。 (サイトウ)

▼ Tracklisting

A1.Melty Heatsample
A2.Melty Heat (Real J. Remix)sample
B1.Coconut Treessample
B2.Sign of You (Laurence Guy Remix)sample

London's Axe On Wax crew have proven themselves to be highly dependable purveyors of good vibes.
French producer JLMT lands their Axe On Wax White series with a Jack J-ish mellow jazzed out house vibe.
Ep includes remixes by Laurence Guy & Real J. Therapeutic, feel good breezy house just in time for summer!



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