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ジャン=ミシェル・バスキアの生涯にインスパイアされた楽曲集『Untitled』ストックしました!SHABAKA HUTCHINGS,JOE ARMON-JONES,NUBYA GARCIAなどのUKジャズ新流から、LORD TUSK,COBY SEY,MALAなど地下ダンスミュージック腕利らまで、豪華アーティストが参加&コラボレーション!

アート、ファッションをはじめあらゆるカルチャーに今尚影響を与え続けるブラックピカソことバスキアの一生を主題に制作された一枚が名門〈THE VINYL FACTORY〉から登場。GILLES PETERSON主宰〈BROWNSWOOD〉のレーベルアーティスト達に加えて、サウスロンドンのアンダーグラウンドエレクトロ/ダブステップシーンからも参加しているのがやはり興味深い。MC・KOJEY RADICALとリード奏者SHABAKA HUTCHINGSによる「No Gangster」を始めとするヒップホップ/ダウンテンポを軸に構成されていますが、〈WHITIES〉からもリリースする実力派COBY SEYによる実験アンビエント、LORD TUSKのEBMなど、楽曲そしてアルバム単位でバスキア然としたカオスな模様を描いています。トラックリストから全曲試聴できます! (Akie)

▼ Tracklisting

A1.Wu-Lu, Lex Amor, Ego Ella May – Legendsample
A2.LayFullstop, Moroka, AJ Kwame – Broadcast By Chocolatesample
A3.Lord Tusk ft Roxanne Tataei – Know Wayssample
B1.Kojey Radical, Shabaka Hutchings – No Gangster (Produced by Kz)sample
B2.Mala, Joe Armon-Jones, Nubya Garcia – Scratch & Erasesample
B3.=CoN+KwAkE= – Same Ol Samosample
B4.Maxwell Owin & Coby Sey – Response to Michelsample

New compilation Untitled collects seven collaborations inspired by the life and work of Jean-Michel Basquiat, pairing emerging and established musicians to create a genre-defying compilation of new music.

* Shabaka Hutchings, Kojey Radical, Wu-Lu, Nubya Garcia, Lex Amor, Ego Ella May, LayFullstop, Moroka, AJ Kwame, Lord Tusk, Roxanne Tataei, Kz, Mala, Joe Armon-Jones, Confucius MC, Kwake Bass, Maxwell Owin & Coby Sey.
* 12″ gatefold sleeve printed with UV Spot gloss
* 1 x 180g heavyweight black vinyl
* Artwork by Fabrice Bourgelle & Anja Ngozi
* Mastered by Finyl Tweek, London.
* Ltd Ed. of 1500
* Vinyl and digital release date: 31/05/2019

Released by Lonely Table, Anja Ngozi and The Vinyl Factory, with support from the Arts Council England, the album spans genres and eras, touching on jazz, experimental electronic, post-punk, dub and ambient influences, painting a diverse picture of the UK’s expanding underground sound.

Drawing on Barbican’s major Basquiat retrospective in 2017, the project also explores themes around identity, representation and social inequality.

As such Untitled also encompasses a youth project with Ruff Sqwad Foundation, in which seven BME young people aged 12-18 were given the opportunity to visit the Tate Modern and create music in response to what they saw.

As LayFullstop says: “We’re celebrating a legend who fought with his brushes and spoke with his work. The need for his work is still as current as ever. The issues we’re attacking are still as current as ever. So it’s only logical that Basquiat is and will continue to be as current as ever.”



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