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メロディのミニマルループを軸に、レイヤーと変調でゆっくりと物語をつける作曲法と叙情的鍵盤、この人でしか聴けない音のように思ってしまいます。作曲家・アレンジャー日向敏文のニューエイジ/アンビエント作品編集盤がCHEE SIMIZU氏監修で〈MUSIC FROM MEMORY〉から登場!

「東京ラブストリー」をはじめとしたTVドラマやCMへの楽曲提供でもその名を知らしめる前段階、85年から87年にリリースした4アルバムから抜粋した楽曲集。アルバム「Chat D'Ete」に収録され特に人気の高い「新しい遊牧民」(sample1)が分かりやすいですが、別録りを重ねていく曲作りとバークリー音楽大学を修了するピアノ技術が反映したコンテンポラリーミュージック/アンビエントは独特。個々アルバムを全て集めるのは至難のレアアイテムであること、そのこと以上に日向敏文の世界観を堪能できる選曲が嬉しい一枚だと思います、この機会にぜひ。 (Akie)

▼ Tracklisting

A1.Sarah's Crimesample
A2.Midsummer Nightsample
A3.新しい遊牧民 Atarashii Yuhbokuminsample
A4.異国の女たち Ikoku No Onna Tachisample
B2.Colored Airsample
B3.光と水 Hikari To Mizusample
B4.蜃気楼 Shinkirohsample
B5.Broken Beliefsample
B6.小夜花 Sayokasample

10 tracks by Japanese ambient musician Toshifumi Hinata. Right on point!

'Broken Belief' brings together a selection of recordings by Japanese multi-instrumentalist Toshfumi Hinata drawn from a body of work originally recorded between 1985-1987. Attending Berklee College of Music after spending time living in both the United States and the United Kingdom, Hinata would study under the tutelage of pianist Patricia Laliberte, graduating from the esteemed American school in 1982. Returning to Japan after becoming disillusioned with his classical training, Hinata experimented with many different forms of music. Moving away from depending simply on acoustic instruments, he would instead become entrenched in the possibilities of the latest analog synthesizers being developed at the time.

Toshifumi Hinata's initial idea was to make his first album with just a Prophet 5 and Linn Drum Machine. Tweaking filters and creating intricate sequences, Hinata would record various sounds on analog tapes and overdub many different layers; recording violin, piano and other accompaniments separately later on. It would become a method of working for the musician which he would apply almost entirely throughout this period. A deeply submerged process; one in which he would seek, as he himself puts it, to "weave musical images".

Toshifumi Hinata would go on to record several more albums released only on CD throughout the late 1980s and 1990s, after which he focused mainly on music for TV dramas, commercials and documentaries. Now living in Tokyo he is almost exclusively focused on creating music for documentaries. The period of work released between 1985-1987 is one though that was not only a rich moment in the history of Hinata himself but of Japanese music and electronic music in general.



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