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DJ HONESTY Mais Populares EP

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ジャーマンハウスシーンのカリスマLOSOUL主宰の〈ANOTHER PICTURE〉から DJ HONESTYの新作。

DANIEL PAULと共にベルリン、テックハウスの名レーベル〈CABINET RECORDS〉を拠点に活動してきたDJ HONESTYがLOSOUL主宰の〈ANOTHER PICTURE〉から2017年以来の新作リリース!B2のタイトルは、アナログ機材のみを使用しているグラスゴーの名レコーディング・スタジオ The Green Door Studioのことでしょう。本物の電子サウンド、ダビーでディープ・エレクトロニックなハウスグルーヴ。 (サイトウ)

▼ Tracklisting

A1.Santo Antoniosample
B1.Mais Popularessample
B2.Green Doorsample

Back on Another Picture after his strong and dubby ‘Janeiro EP’ in 2017 DJ Honesty delivers new material of a more uplifting but still abstract vibe.

The tracks have a classic feel but tell their own story.. a story of a deep and playful experience - narrated with unparalleled ease and subtle motivation.

DJ Honesty’s tracks ooze that fascination for groove, presence and the beauty of detail. They enjoy to be with dancers and listeners at any moment. They go their own, often unexpected, ways but again never miss that elegant flow and natural punch we ever love so much..

The light and electrifying atmospere sparkles like sunlight on the waves at the beaches. Be ready for sophisticated fun, soulful deepness, at times melancholic yet trippy moments.. always dedicated.

Join the experience - get in touch !

(DJ Honesty also appears on Cabinet, Quality Vibe, Eclipse Chaser, Bass Culture and Scenario Rec.)



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