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MAKÈZ Different Planets EP

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ハウスラインをベースにSOUNDSTREAMやDJ ASSULTもフィーチャリングしてきた"Peak Mystique"というパーティーを成功させてきたアムステルダムのデュオによるMAKÈZのデビューEP。旋回の絶妙さ、音響的ユニークさ、すでにバッチリ安定感あります。そしてオールドスクール感、ミステリアスな感触を刻みこむBobby Analogのリミックスがじっくり素晴らしいです。

"Peak Mystique"にも参加したDETROIT SWINDLEやFoukサポートのもとHEISTからデビューシングル!イタロラインのシンセベース、コズミック・コーラス、ローズもフィーチャリングした安定感のグッドトラックグルーヴ、安定感のグルーヴ「Different Planets」筆頭に、オリジナル3 TRACKSとベルファスト、〈BODY FUSION〉のBobby Analogがによる「Different Planets」リミックス。じっくり良いです。 (サイトウ)

▼ Tracklisting

A1.Makèz - Different Planetssample
A2.Makèz - Different Planets (Bobby Analog Remix)sample
B1.Makèz - Random Visitssample
B2.Makèz - Cosmic Symphonysample

Makèz (formed by Jan-Willem Mulder and Kees van ‘t Klooster) are a duo from Amsterdam, where they both studied music production and sound design. Apart from DJ’ing under various aliases, they’ve also been organizing their own successful intimate party series “Peak Mystique” and that’s where we got to meet them. It was hard not to get infected by their musical enthusiasm and after a few listening sessions and some help of Fouk’s Daniel Leseman & Hans Peeman for the final mix-down, we were all really happy with the music they produced for Heist.

Their ‘Different Planets’ EP sees the duo navigate between disco flavored house, dreamy electronics and old school Chicago influences. The remix is by none other than Belfast based DJ and founder of Body Fusion: Bobby Analog.

The title track is a warm house bumper with an Italo-tinged bassline, filtered leads and fuzzy Rhodes chords. Female chants running in the background and an ‘eyes-closed-hands-up’ break down give this track a proper summer feel-good attitude. We know, cause that’s exactly what happened when we played the first demo of this track last year at our sunrise set at one of the coolest festivals in The Netherlands: Wildeburg.



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