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ELIPHINO Breaking Up Is Hard

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GILLES PETERSONのBROWNSWOOD RECORDINGSにフックされ、〈HYPERCOLOUR〉や〈HOYA:HOYA〉からもリリースを重ねる TOM WRANKMOREのELIPHINOのミニアルバム!エキゾチカ、アンビエント、エレクトロニックなファンクビート、エレクトロ。HESSLE AUDIO、JOY O辺りとAPHEX TWINの「Ambient Works」なんかを引き合いに出して紹介されてます。素晴らしく内容良いですがスプレイ・プリントのアートワーク、限定150枚とのこと。モノトーンで底の厚い不思議な質感、グルーヴでショート目ですがフロアでかなり良さそうな曲あります。 (サイトウ)

▼ Tracklisting

A1.Studio Time (3:53)sample
A2.Old Lemons (4:27)sample
A3.Second Sunday (4:40)sample
A4.Breaking Up Is Hard (4:43)sample
B1.I Don't Want To Wait For You (4:01)sample
B2.IG Messenger (5:40)sample
B3.Dusty (4:28)sample

Secretsundaze welcomes Eliphino to the gala relaunch of their imprint for a thoroughly satisfying mini album of contemplative jacking and dulcet breakbeats.

Eliphino's most recent 'Realistic Sex EP' on the hotly tipped Meda Fury label boasts thunderous breaks, 303s and serious sub-bass pressure which has gained praise from tastemakers such as Jon K, Carista, Josey Rebelle, Moxie and Gilles Peterson.Having flexed with this darker edged EP after a long lay-off from releasing, while sharpening his skills and reconnecting with his musical inspiration, Eliphino is now ready to really cut loose with 'Breaking Up Is Hard' - a statement longplayer that dreamily investigates the dusty spaces between house, breakbeat, ambient, hardcore and acid. Tom This album came about as way of focussing my energy in the wake of a significant break up. I tried to experiment with melody and texture to convey some of the range of emotions that come with such a testing time. That being said, the B-side bangers are more dedicated to abandon and forgetting your worries.

Hailing originally from the Leeds, but with time spent in both London and Berlin, 'Breaking Up Is Hard' lands somewhere between the Hessle Audio crew, Joy O and Selected Ambient Works era Aphex.

Having previously released heaters for Brownswood and Hoya Hoya over the years, Eliphino stepping up for the debut artist LP on the reactivated Secretsundaze label feels like a natural fit as James Priestley explains:

"We've collectively had a connection and friendship with Tom that goes back several years and in fact it was receiving this work as demos that really spurred and inspired us into getting the label rolling again. It feels totally right to be working with him on this and for this mini-LP to herald the relaunch of the label as it moves towards a more artist led as opposed to EP driven approach.



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