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PATRICK CONWAY Know The Future / Digital Warfare

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レーベル〈BLACK ORPHEUS〉を動かしながらUKオールドスクールレイヴサウンドを追求してきたPATRICK CONWAYが、LOVEFINGERS主宰〈ESP INSTITUTE〉にエントリー!ウィスパーボイスを忍ばせたアトモスフェリックな空間を形成することで、持ち味のエッジ鋭いブレイクビートに感傷的な美しさが加味。

LUCA LOZANOのリミックスが収録された前EPが記憶に新しいPATRICK CONWAYのニューリリース!ミステリアスなコードと反響するアンビエンスでじっくりと重いブレイクビートを走らせた「Know The Future」(sample1)。同じく揺らめくエコー空間でメランコリーな旋律を差し込んだ「Digital Warfare」(sample2)にはハーフステップビートを重ねる仕掛けも。 (Akie)

▼ Tracklisting

A1.Know The Futuresample
B1.Digital Warfaresample

Patrick Conway keeps a low profile and wobbles through the alleyways. This is his first offering for the ESP Institute. Side A’s Know The Future is properly moody, a UK rave track skirting the fringe of everything we hold dear from the days of our youth—big grey melancholy chords, mild shuffling breaks and anonymous diva cries peppered sparsely throughout—yet the artist manages to skillfully tick our nostalgia boxes whilst avoiding the road into full-blown pastiche. It's a versatile track, easily suitable for both the early hours in the warehouse or the tender drive home where your terrible Tuesday awaits. On the flip side, Patrick continues his plunge into emotional depths, summoning layers of ghostly sighs, chopping up the beats in half time and introducing a more prominent use of bass, but midway through Digital Warfare he jettisons the angelic pleasantries in favor a more deranged headspace. He’s had us swallow the wrong pills, sending us through a labyrinth of mirrors and echoes for the second half of the track, only to partially find our footing in the last minute. These two songs will send you to another time and place.



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