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HALAV AV Halav Av (lp)

▼ Tracklisting

A1. Olympus (02:53)
A2. Kever Rachel (02:12)
A3. Tedabri (02:57)
B1. Lichyot (04:01)
B2. Halav Av (00:41)
B3. Machshava (01:34)
B4. Har HaBeitar (01:29)

Halav Av is a Tel Avivian super-group consisting of members of the Israeli alternative music scene. Alonzo and Amitkes of The Crotches, Niv of Red Axes, Yovav of Shame on Us and Adiel of Hila Ruach & Future Shock.

This summer the band will release their first album, the first singles to meet the public’s ears will be To Live, Talk to Me and Mt. Beitar. These singles and the rest of the album were recorded by Uri Mixmonster of The Apples straight onto two-inch tape like the good ol’ days.
In addition to Mixmonster’s recording expertise, the album features Cello virtuoso Noa Ayali of The White Screen and Keyboardist Shay Landa of The RPS Surfers.

Wrapped up in a cover by the praised Israeli artist David Tartakover, the songs in this album are meant to be short and ticklish just like a father’s bristles. Because Father’s Milk is the essence of male gentleness. It is romantic, optimistic, nostalgic and naive. It’s childhood. It’s longing. It’s longing for childhood. Father’s Milk is the feeling of fatherhood, even if without offsprings. Father’s Milk is love, it’s music, it’s nourishing music.



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