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RECEPT / TOM CHURCHILL Quisite / Loss Leader

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90sテクノ、エレクトロの素晴らしい音源。〈BLACKEST EVER BLACK〉からミックステープもリリース、NTS ラジオ、自身が運営する同名のポッドキャストでも次世代のアンダーグラウンドなコネクションを築き上げてきたメルボルンのMoopie主宰〈A COLOURFUL STORM〉再発と未発表発掘。

オブスキュアLATE 90s。リズミック、音像、ベースもかっこいい、テキサスのMERRICK BROWNのエイリアスRECEPT'98年の「Quisite」。B-SIDEはQDAN CURTIN,HANNAやRUSS GABRIELといったリリースを残す〈EMOTICON〉、〈HEADSPACE Recordings〉を主宰した名プロデューサーTOM CHURCHILLの2009年作未発表トラック。かっこいい。レコメンド。 (サイトウ)

▼ Tracklisting

A.RECEPT - Quisitesample
B.TOM CHURCHILL - Loss Leadersample

A double header from A Colourful Storm delivering Recept’s sublime ode to Detroit, ‘Quisite’ alongside a previously unheard number by Tom Churchill, head of Headspace Recordings and Emoticon (home to Q Project, Russ Gabriel and Scape One). Our pick is ‘Quisite’: emotive, introspective dancefloor bomb which hasn’t lost any charm since its 1998 release. Both tracks remastered in 2019 by Mike Grinser at Manmade Mastering, Berlin. Includes liner notes by Merrick Brown and Tom Churchill.

Text from back sleeve:
"Soon after I recorded Loss Leader, in 2009, my home (and studio) in Glasgow was destroyed by a fire. It’s one of only a handful of tracks made during that period of my life that survived, thanks to a particularly resilient hard drive. It’s a simple track; an unapologetic tribute to a particular strain of early-90s UK and European techno that began to venture beyond the dancefloor to a more introspective and often melancholy headspace. But I’ve always had a soft spot for it, and I’m pleased that it’s finally seeing the light of day after almost losing it forever."

—Tom Churchill, Glasglow, July 2019

“‘Quisite’ was one of my first recordings ever and came out on the first release of my label Tektite Recordings. I was 21 years old at the time and living in Austin, Texas. A DJ of only three years, I was new to production and still learning and experimenting in the studio. My knowledge of mixing and mastering was very basic at the time, but perhaps that lends some charm to the tune. It is heavily inspired by Detroit techno, which I was obsessed with then (and still am now). It represents a time of discovery and innocence in my musical career and still holds a special place in my heart over 20 years later.”

—Merrick Brown, Chicago, July 2019



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