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JALE Orbital Dream EP

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Petre Inspirescuもプレイして話題になったJALE、ミステリアス、ニューレーベル〈J ROOM〉の1ST EP。入荷しました。

イギリスのニューレーベル〈J ROOM〉の第1弾。ほとんど詳細の伏せられたレーベル、アーチスト。ルーマニアのCosmjnがリミックス。ヒプノティックなミニマルハウス。[A:RPIA:R]クルーもプレイ、JULIEN SANDRE、PRIKU, ARAPU等々がサポートしています。ファットなボトム、電子音でサウンドヴィジョンをエフェクトするミニマルでヘブンリーなプログレッシヴ・ディープハウス。 (サイトウ)

▼ Tracklisting

A1.Levar Del Solesample
A2.Orbital Dreamsample
B1.Orbital Dream (Cosmjn Remix)sample

The J Room opens the doors of its world. Leave all hope behind but do not be afraid, because the scene will be shocking but unforgettable. The room has no limits, no walls, the music is master and will guide you along a journey of visions and enjoyment.
The first to enter is a new one: JALE is his name and he begins his adventure with us with the verve of his minimal rhythms and his seductive cosmic vibrations; with him Cosmjn and his visionary elegance. The beginning couldn't have been better, now it's your turn. The J Room is open, place the stylus on the wax and enter without fear.

Already played and supported by Arpiar, Priku, Arapu, SIT, Janeret, Shaun Reeves, Viceversa, Praslea and many more.



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