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サンクトペテルブルクのA VISION OF PANORAMAのニューシングル。ねじれた感覚。ユニークなエレクトロニック・ファタジー。すごく良い。

ANDRASのリミックスを搭載したAFICIONADO RECORDINGS からのデビューを皮切りに、このMELLOPHONIAやMUSIC FOR DREAMS、CHIT CHATからリリース。エレクトロニック、コズミックなシンセサイザー・フュージョン、バレアリック、ダンストラック。今回も洗練されたトラックス。ディテールも素晴らしい。LEXXやCHRIS COCO、JKRIV、Patrick Luca (Saft | Pulp)等チャートでピック、プレイ&サポート! (サイトウ)

▼ Tracklisting

1.Delicious Saw (04:29)sample
2.Lum (05:12)sample
3.Euphoria (05:10)sample
4.Fourth (04:44)sample

It's been a while since we last heard from the Mellophonia label and its star attraction, A Vision Of Panorama, but now the producer known as Mikhail Khvasko is back with a new record that expands on the soft and silky Balearic house sound he established himself with across some wonderful EPs and 2016's "Aquafusion" album. The sun is still very much shining down on this new record, which leads in with the fittingly titled "Delicious Saw". Khvasko's whole sound is geared towards celebration of gorgeous synth tones, and so it goes here thanks to that seriously tasty sawtooth wave. "Lum" cools down the boogie bump of its predecessor for something more reflective, while "Euphoria" gets into an oh-so-sweet house funk that would sound at home on Strictly Jaz Unit. "Fourth" finishes the EP off with a seriously sticky bassline squelch and some effervescent piano lines - another melodic marvel on a record full of them.



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