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BAZE.DJUNKIII The Gangster Files (Tape/Ltd 70)

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【INTRAUTERIN TAPES】ハンブルグ・アンダーグラウンド・シーンのDJ/プロデューサー、ジャーナリストBAZE.DJUNKIIIによるUK GARAGEとJUNGLEのミックステープ。

Get ready for some original DJ culture!

As cassette tapes are making a comeback it is time for us to revive Intrauterin Tapes after a 15 years hiatus with a new release by Intrauterin Recordings mastermind baze.djunkiii who is bringing on his latest mixtape outing “The Gangster Files” for all lovers of original and classic UK Garage / Sublow as well as real Jungle / Drum’n'Bass headz featuring a massive vinyl selection of rare whitelabel cuts and essential classics.

The history:
Originally launched in 2001 and operating until 2004 the Intrauterin Recordings sister label Intrauterin Tapes released eight volumes in these first years, making a previously unprecedented move in German mixtape culture in focusing on studio recorded, MC-free vinyl only DJ-mixes for true bass music lovers, covering a musical spectrum from Drum’n'Bass, DarkJungle and UK Garage, put together by both hot, emerging talent from the local Hamburg underground as well as a special final edition featuring US-based (Dark)Jungle legend and scholar Larissa Mann a.k.a. DJ Ripley for a preliminary closing in 2004.



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