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TAEHA TYPES Mechanical Keyboard Sounds: Recordings of bespoke and customised mechanical keyboards

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12種に及ぶメカニカルキーボードのタイピング音のみを録音した音源集が〈TRUNK〉から登場!キーボード愛好家TAEHA KIMによるメーカー”TAEHA TYPES”が選出したヴィンテージ〜NASA使用の最新モデルのキーボードを立体音響で録音。

イギリスの奇才JONNY TRUNKが運営、音源発掘やマニアック再発で信頼のある名門〈TRUNK〉から奇盤がリリース。カスタマイズされた1986年製から、アルミニウムで作られた2019年特注モデルまで。使用用途の違いで変わる板バネの強度などで、微細に変わるタイピング音がバイノーラル録音。ついにASMRがレコード化される時代へ。推薦。 (Akie)

Yes, at last! Kinky keyboard porn! Whisper porn! Vinyl Porn! And all at the same time.! And what an ASMR treat we have for you here. Recordings of 12 incredible bespoke mechanical keyboards made and recorded by the master of this modern art, Taeha Types. Yes, this is actual typing sounds on amazing future / retro / cutting edge keyboards. Every track different. Every keyboard different. Listen and weep. Or sleep. Or something. An INCREDIBLE and UNIQUE listening experience. The first mechanical keyboard album EVER!!!

An album comprised of 13 different mechanical keyboards as recorded whilst being used by Taeha Types. Limited edition of 250 clear vinyl copies available from Trunk Records webstore.

Note: there is no specific artist credit on the sleeve of the album, but Taeha Types is credited in the liner notes and on the Trunk website in the album description.

Titles above are shortened to just the keyboard model. Full descriptions of keyboards used on each track as outlined on the back cover and labels:

1. Apple M0110A (1986-1990)
Plastic case, Mitsumi (Malaysia) switches, Steel Plate, PBT keycaps

2. Apple M0116 (1987-1990)
Plastic case, SKCM Orange Alps switches, Steel Plate, PBT keycaps

3. Chicony KB5160AT (approx 1986)
Plastic case,SKCM Blue Alps switches, Steel Plate, PBT keycaps

4. Mekanisk Fjell - Built for Apex Legends professional player NRG Dizzy 2019
Aluminium case, Holy Panda switches, lubricated, Brass plate, GMK ABS keycaps

5. HHKB (Happy Hacking Keyboard) Pro 2 (2006-present)
Plastic case,Topre 55g switches, lubricated and silenced, Plastic plate, PBT keycaps

6. IBM 5140 (1986)
From convertible PC, SKCM Brown Alps switches

7. IBM Model F XT (1981-1994) – NOT ON LP, JUST DIGITAL Plastic case, Buckling spring switches, Steel plate, PBT keycaps

1. IBM P70 (1990)
Plastic case, Alps Plate Spring switches, Steel plate, PBT keycaps

2. Kyuu (2019)
Aluminium case, Lubed Gateron Ink switches, brass plate, GMK ABS keycaps

3. Keycult No.1/65 - Built for Rainbow Six Seige professional player G2 Pengu! 2019
Aluminium case, Lubed Cherry MX Brown Switches, Aluminium plate, GMK ABS keycaps

4. TGR 910 RE – (2016)
A keyboard made out of polycarbonate. Brass plate, lubed Nixdorf Cherry MX Black switches, GMK ABS Keycaps

5. TGR Alice (2018)
Aluminium Case, Carbon fiber plate, lubed Vintage Cherry MX Black switches, GMK ABS Keycaps

6. Zambumon Verne (2019)
Aluminium Case, Lubed Gateron Inks, Brass plate, GMK ABS Keycaps



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