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ローカルの<BUREK>や名門<RUNNING BACK>ほか多くのレーベルから沢山のシングルをリリースしながら、オーディエンスを巻き込むインタラクティヴで即興性の高いライヴ・パフォーマンスが評価され不動の人気を誇る、ブルガリアのプロデューサー・KINKが満を持してレーベルを始動!

ブルガリアの首都・ソフィアをレぺゼン、相棒のPETROVと共にスタートさせるレーベル<SOFIA>の第1弾リリース!クラシックなハウスモードもやりつつ時折りみせるKINKのもう一つの表情、アグレッシヴで実験的なリズムや攻撃的なエフェクトで、アバンギャルドな捩じれのダンス・エンターテインメントに比重した”The Clock”(sample1)や”The Grid”(sample2)といったクレイジーな昇天トラックです!ラストには、ブルガリアの歌姫・RACHEL ROWのブリスフルな唱歌に深く癒されるエレクトロニカ〜ダウンテンポな”The Beauty feat. Rachel Row”(sample3)も併せてどうぞ。 (DNT)

▼ Tracklisting

A1.The Sunsample
A2.The Clocksample
B1.The Gridsample
B2.The Beauty Feat. Rachel Rowsample

KiNK presents Home! This aptly titled EP is the debut release on the newborn label Sofia. Founded by Strahil Velchev and Konstantin Petrov, Sofia is not only the physical location where this music was made, the city where they met and developed as artists, but also a paradox that is reflected in the art and music that comes from the place. Beautiful and ugly at the same time, clean and dirty, brutal as well as romantic, it’s a place where aesthetically seemingly incompatible styles come together in a twisted, yet unifying form. The photographs for the sleeves are made by influential local selector DJ Valentine, effortlessly capturing the local reality.

Those pieces of a paradox also are reflected in the music. The typical fine-grit of KiNK’s production skills meets his love for the elements of surprise and the classic building blocks and plaster of house and techno to create something that is very much his own, while breathing the spirit of early days and pioneering times. Hinged just before and after peak time, the tracks on this EP are cohesive, made to last and rounded off by the contemplativeness of yet another collaboration with Rachel Row called „The Beauty“. The first of many to come. And as always: Remember the future!



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