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GIGI MASIN & JONNY NASH Postcards From Nowhere

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【リプレスされました】アンビエント・レジェンドGIGI MASINと、〈MELODY AS TRUTH〉のJONNY NASHがGAUSSIAN CURVEでのコラヴォレーションに続いて、MELODY AS TRUTHからアルバム・リリース。各国取扱店舗限定のリリースとなります。

彫刻から、写真、映画まで手掛けるフランスを代表するインスタレーション・アーティスト、グザヴィエ・ヴェイヤンがヴェネチア・ビエンナーレ国際美術展で創作し、ブライアン・イーノ、クリスチャン・マークレー、Air、シャソル、JOAKIM等々を含む100人のアーティストを招待しセッションを繰り広げた「Studio Venezia」でのユニークな音響環境の中で技術を駆使した即興録音をベースにしたアルバム。「聴覚としてだけでなく、視覚的および触覚的な体験として」と記されたエンボス加工の特殊ジャケット仕様。「Postcards From Nowhere」。静かに互いの影響がさらなる地平を生み出すような。言葉失う素晴らしさ。 (サイトウ)

▼ Tracklisting

A1.Butterfly's Talesample
B1.The Sea In Your Eyessample
B2.Girl With No Namesample
B3.Postcards From Nowheresample

GIGI MASIN & JONNY NASH - Postcards From Nowhere : LP gallery 0
GIGI MASIN & JONNY NASH - Postcards From Nowhere : LP gallery 1
GIGI MASIN & JONNY NASH - Postcards From Nowhere : LP gallery 2
GIGI MASIN & JONNY NASH - Postcards From Nowhere : LP gallery 3
GIGI MASIN & JONNY NASH - Postcards From Nowhere : LP gallery 4

In 2017, musicians and regular collaborators Gigi Masin and Jonny Nash were invited to a residency at artist Xavier Veilhan’s “Studio Venezia” at the Venice Biennale. For this immersive installation, Veilhan transformed the French Pavilion into a fully functioning recording studio, inviting artists to record original works during a series of residencies. During their time at the studio Masin and Nash recorded a series of improvised compositions primarily for piano and guitar. Situated in a unique acoustic environment and recorded with a variety of microphone techniques, the recordings directly capture Masin and Nash’s unique musical relationship and understanding.

In 2018 Nash was approached by London-based design and branding agency Commission with the proposal to collaborate on the production of a vinyl LP. After discussion with Masin, Nash suggested the Venice recordings as the basis for this collaboration. After editing the recordings down to a total of 6 pieces, collectively entitled ‘Postcards From Nowhere’, Commission developed the art direction of the project together with photographer Luke Evans. This involved working in close collaboration with Paris based print atelier Imprimerie du Marais, renowned experts in printing and finishing techniques.

Technical details:

Outer Sleeve: 370gsm Billerud Korsnäs White / Multi-Layered Embossing on both sides / Fluorescent Printed Interior / Hot Foil Black Gloss on spine and Edges

Inner Sleeve: 100% Cotton Gmund Cotton / Blind Embossing on both sides
Mailer: Custom pure black E-Flute cardboard mailer by James Cropper and G.F. Smith / Made from recycled coffee cups bonded to a black cardboard

Embossed text: “This product was conceived to spontaneously connect musician, image maker, designer and print atelier. The result is a record that celebrates process and collaboration; not only as an aural form but equally as a visual and tactile experience”.



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