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DARK SKY Cold Harbour

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BONOBOのFABRICのミックスでもプレビューされていたDARK SKYの復活の12インチ「Cold Harbour」(sample3)含む4 曲のEP。アフリカンビート・サイエンス、モダンエスノサウンドをおしすすめています!

〈50WEAPONS/MONKEYTOWN〉を中心に、UKブリストルの〈BLACK ACRE〉、〈TECTONIC〉、NYCの〈MISTER SATURDAY NIGHT〉からリリースしてきたDARK SKYが2年のブレンクを経てMATT BENYAYERのソロプロジェクトとなって新作リリース!ガンビアの伝統楽器KORAとダンスミュージックが融合したロンドンのモダンアフロ・グループAFRIQUOIのMONICAやJALLYKEBBA SUSSOをフィーチャリングした4曲。 (サイトウ)

▼ Tracklisting

A1.Dark Sky ft. Minioca - Valmersample
A2.Dark Sky ft. Jally Kebba Susso & Minioca - Cambiasample
B1.Dark Sky ft. Afriquoi - Cold Harboursample
B2.Dark Sky ft. Minioca  -  Love Walksample

We’ve been waiting a while for this one… Dark Sky return after a brief hiatus with this incredible EP featuring band of the moment Afriquoi. Many of you will already know one particular tune here: ‘Cold Harbour’ used by Bonobo on his Fabric mix compilation back in January. This gem is now backed with three more blissful, vital fusions. All created with different members of the deeply-rooted London-based live band.

‘Valmer’ sets the tone with its chimes, bells and chants, featuring the drumming of percussionist Andre Marmot aka Minioca. It's measured, restrained and impossible not to get goosebumps to, a near-spiritual experience the deeper you get into the groove. Elsewhere ‘Love Walk’ takes a much more subdued sojourn into the cosmic dusk. Mid tempo and much more focused on the rich layers of atmospherics than the beats, this will disarm a crowd at 50 paces. Next our minds are altered by eight-minute synth-striking mystique marathon ‘Cambia’ featuring the Kora playing of Jally Kebba Susso. Finally, ‘Cold Harbour’, one of the highlights from Bonobo’s evergreen mix from the London club institution, the combination of those rattled strings, pregnant bass staccatos, rolling percussion and deep undulating bass make it one of the most versatile and touching tracks Dark Sky have given us so far. And that’s saying something.

Breaking the Dark Sky silence that’s been almost two years, the ‘Clod Harbour’ EP opens up a whole new page in the London act’s legacy. And there’s plenty more to come. Watch this space...



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